Day 31: Introducing #freeyourpictures Friday!


Welcome to Day 31 of the series, FIND your FIT!  (To return to the beginning, click here.)

#freeyourpictures Friday is coming to Pictures to Scrapbook next Friday, November 7th!

The idea for “#freeyourpictures Friday” began as a way to remind people to upload their photos to their computer each week. It started to evolve from there, because I also wanted to find a way to celebrate memory making and memory keeping. Enter the link party!

Upload.  Create.  Share.

  1. Upload your photos from your digital devices to your computer (or another central location). Your memories are important!
  2. Create a project involving photos. It could be anything from a scrapbook layout, to putting a photo in a frame, or just picking your favorite picture of the week. Anything goes, as long as it is related to memory keeping.
  3. Share a picture of your project, an Instagram image, or a blog post on the #freeyourpictures Friday link-up page posted here next week. Easy peasy.

Don’t worry if you’ve never done something like this before, I’ll have instructions for how to add your link. You can also participate by using the hashtag #freeyourpictures on Instagram or Twitter.

So, head back here on Friday, November 7th with a photo and add it to the link-up page. Be sure to visit other posted links and share some love. Let’s encourage each other to keep creating and sharing!


Day 30: How Can I Help You Find Your Scrapbooking Fit?


Welcome to Day 30 of the series, FIND your FIT!  (To return to the beginning, click here.)

Just because the FIND your FIT series is coming to an end, it doesn’t mean that our time together has to end! If you’ve been following along this month, we have covered topics like why scrapbooking is important, how to make it a habit, the different types and styles of scrapbooking, where to find inspiration, and working with photos.

Now it is your turn, and I would like to hear from you! Think of it as an exit survey, if you will.

  • What is your biggest scrapbooking challenge and how can I help you solve it?
  • What topics would you like to see on Pictures to Scrapbook in the future?

Share your answers in the comments below, in a Facebook message, send me a tweet, or email me.  Let’s work together to find a solution and find your fit! [Read more...]

Day 29: Does Scrapbooking Make You More Grateful?


Welcome to Day 29 of the series, FIND your FIT!  (To return to the beginning, click here.)

Thanksgiving (in the US) is just around the corner. It’s the perfect time to count your blessings and remember the things you are grateful for. I have seen multiple references to the connection between memory keeping and gratitude lately. So, this got me thinking–does scrapbooking, memory keeping, and art journaling make you more thankful? [Read more...]

Day 28: The Capsule Wardrobe Concept and How It Can Work for Scrapbooking



Welcome to Day 28 of the series, FIND your FIT!  (To return to the beginning, click here.)

The term ‘capsule wardrobe’ came about in the 1970’s, but interest in the concept has been recently renewed on fashion blogs like Unfancy. It is described as a collection of a few essential pieces that never go out of style (the basics), mixed with seasonal or trend pieces.  Having a capsule wardrobe narrows your choices, reduces impulse purchases you may regret, and allows you to wear all of the pieces you have.

The capsule wardrobe concept can also be applied to scrapbooking supplies. Determine the basic, key items you love to use, and always have them at hand. From there, add in the seasonal, trendy, or pop-of-color pieces that fit your style.  For instance, these could be items of a specific theme that coordinate with your photos or a recent trend you may want to try before committing to fully. [Read more...]

Day 27: Spark Your Creativity with Challenges


Welcome to Day 27 of the series, FIND your FIT!  (To return to the beginning, click here.)

Today marked the start of another edition of Ali Edward’s Week in the Life™.  The objective of this week is to create an album that combines photos and stories to show what your everyday life is like.

Week in the Life™ is just one example of the many ways to jumpstart your creative process, to inspire you to scrapbook, and to focus on a specific topic.

Scrapbooking challenges are another great starting point for pages. A challenge may contain a certain color scheme, a sketch, or a daily/weekly/monthly prompt.

How challenges may help

  • They take away the guesswork of what to use. The limited color or supply choices provided by challenges may help you feel less overwhelmed by your products and let you be more creative with your pages.
  • The prompts may inspire you to create a page, take a photo, or tell a story that you may not have told otherwise.
  • By narrowing your focus to a specific topic, you may scrapbook faster or take more photos than you normally would.
  • You may learn a new technique that helps to break you out of a creative rut.

So, flex your creative muscles and check out a challenge or two for inspiration:

Color challenge

Sketch challenges

Create a layout every day

Create your own kit

Digital Scrapbooking

 Photo Challenges

Mixed Media

Big Picture Classes



Do you participate in challenges?  If not, I encourage you take a look.  You may find a fit that is exactly what you need for your creativity.



Day 26: Digital Workflow (and how it helps you scrapbook faster)


Welcome to Day 26 of the series, FIND your FIT!  (To return to the beginning, click here.)

A ‘digital workflow’ is made up of the steps you take to handle your pictures—from the time you take the photo until you scrapbook or share it.  Having a consistent process in place helps you to be more efficient with your time, which, ultimately, speeds up your scrapbooking. Your photos will be easy to locate, easy to edit, and easy to print.

If you can find the pictures, you can scrapbook the pictures! [Read more...]

Day 25: Use memorabilia to help tell your story


Welcome to Day 25 of the series, FIND your FIT!  (To return to the beginning, click here.)

Memorabilia is a general term used for mementos, keepsakes, or souvenirs we collect. We usually keep items that remind us of a moment or event in our lives. Finding ways to use memorabilia in your memory keeping can add a dimension to stories and scrapbooks that photos alone cannot. [Read more...]

Day 24: What does modern scrapbooking look like?


Welcome to Day 24 of the series, FIND your FIT!  (To return to the beginning, click here.)

Modern: meaning present day, au courant, or up-to-the-minute.

The scrapbooking of today doesn’t necessarily look like the scrapbooking of the past.  Gone are the days of taking pictures with a camera containing film, waiting patiently for the prints to be processed while keeping our fingers crossed that they turned out ok.  (There is an entire generation of kids who may have never seen a roll of film!)  People are busier than ever and we are used to the instant gratification of digital cameras.  Not everyone has the time to get crafty with paper and adhesive.

We take thousands of photos and many of them sit on our hard drives, memory cards, or phones.  But, the truth of that matter is hard drives crash, memory cards go bad, and cell phones are lost or broken. While it is my hope that your pictures don’t get lost in a digital black hole, I understand that you may not have the time or the inclination to sit down to edit and print a million photos or create albums full of artsy pages.

Scrapbooking has evolved since the invention of cell phones and the internet.  So, here are some resources to help you preserve your memories without a paper trimmer:

[Read more...]

Day 23: Mini Albums


Welcome to Day 23 of the series, FIND your FIT!  (To return to the beginning, click here.)

Today we’ll be talking all about mini albums!

What are they?

Mini albums, or mini books, are a simply a scrapbook in miniature form. They come in many shapes and sizes, can be done by any type of scrapbooker, They are portable, easy to hold and peruse, and look great on a shelf or coffee table. [Read more...]

Day 22: Using YouTube for Scrapbook Inspiration


Welcome to Day 22 of the series, FIND your FIT!  (To return to the beginning, click here.)

Are you as obsessed with YouTube as I am?  No?  Well, you’re missing out!

If you’re a visual learner like me, you will love YouTube. There are technique tutorials, start-to-finish process videos, and product show-and-tells galore. Just type in anything you would like to know, and bam!  Endless amounts of videos showing just how to do it. [Read more...]